Tuesday, April 9, 2013

52 Lists // Week 14 - List Your Childhood & Current Dream Jobs

Me, circa..umm 1988??!? Gotta love the pink boa, fake pearls, fake cash register & pink hat w/ my footie PJ's

This week's list from MOOREASEAL's 52 List Project made me think back to the literally a simpler time without cell phones, computers were NOT in every home, and when VH1 still played music videos all day long. I was born in 1985, (Yes, I love that Bowling for Soup song), and thinking back on my childhood dream jobs well I have to blame the times. Bugs Bunny cartoons were still on TV regularly, the wave of Disney movies from Little Mermaid to Pochantas were coming out in theaters, and you still had to wait 6 months to a year to get these lil gems on VHS! A doctor told my mother I should never be a stewardess because of my missing low tones in my ears & a man took hold of an entire summer of my childhood because people thought he killed his wife Nicole Simpson...No lie I was so confused w/ the whole OJ thing...Beetlejuice...Orange Juice...OJ? A new Goosebump book by R.L. Stine was always by my bed and then any joke book I could get my hands on! 

That lil girl up there had some big dreams & grew up to have even bigger ones...

My Childhood Dream Job List
1.) A Scratch & Sniff Sticker Tester
2.) Toy Tester like Tom Hanks in the movie "Big"
3.) Lawyer (Blame OJ)
4.) Writer
5.) A Stewardess
6.) A Train Conductor
7.) A Mermaid 
8.) A Librarian  - Blame the movie "The Pagemaster"
9.) An explorer
10.) An Actress
11.) A Fashion Designer
12.) An Acme Anvil Maker... =)

Me over the weekend at 27 years old

Well, some of my dream jobs have changed and the realization that "Big" & "Little Mermaid" were just movies has spurred a whole new slew of dream jobs. 13 years of school, counting kindergarten, 6 years of college, & 2 degrees later & about 17 years of I guess life experience...I think I'm found what I really want to do with my life...dreamingly. I did forget to add Writer when I took the picture and that will ALWAYS be my dream job.

My Current Dream Job List
1.) An Engineer
2.) A Stewardess
3.) A Cupcake & Sweets Shop Owner
4.) A Mom
5.) A Social Media Consultant on the side
6.) An Actress
7.) A Plus-Sized Model 
8.) Run a Successful Blog & Online Shop of possible cupcake toppers!
9.) A Writer
10.) A Wife

Writing out this list made me remember that we have the power to make our own destiny. I currently do not have my dream job and I think I need to take the next year to move closer to any of these. Only the Mom one I'll put on hold for a rainy day in another two years or so hehe, but the others are obtainable & reachable. I just have to have the dedication, the control to keep going, and the passion. Oh the passion...that's the most important part! =)

My Week 14 List 

What Are Your Dream Jobs? Are they Different from When You Were Little?

I'd love to hear...

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  1. Love the list. A plus size model sounds really amazing!


  2. Cool post idea! I loved reading this! :)

    Modern Buttercup

  3. Hi Chloe, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  4. when i was young and all through school, i wanted to become a doctor...then when i realized how much schooling was involved and the money, i kicked that to the curb and went into IT instead. i basically didn't want to work for anyone so i guess i fulfilled my "dream" because i'm self-employed (IT consultant) and while i work in an office, i'm not tied to the company's policies/procedures...as long as i get the work done and deliver on time, i'm good.

  5. My absolute DREAM job would be a job working with endangered wildlife. It's a huge passion of mine!!

  6. My dream job is to be an author and stay at home mom. Dream big!

  7. OMG - you had me at scratch and sniff sticker tester. HAHAHAHA - do they even make those anymore!

    And I could totally see you owning a cupcake shop. Do you watch Two Broke Girls? HAHAHA

  8. My dream is to open my own bed and breakfast with a small boutique inside. Yup. Write a children's book on my off time. I love your idea of owning a cupcake/ sweets shop!

  9. When I was little I really wanted to be a vet since I loved horses so much but it didn't work out:) Love that top photo of you. So cute! xo

  10. beautiful list. i always wanted to be an actress. now id like to have my own charity and be a wife and mum xxx

  11. Future coffee shop owners for the win! ;] I wanted to be a librarian at one point, too. I forgot to include that! I work in a coffee shop in a bookstore now, so I can kinda cross that off!

  12. I would love to be a toy tester too! When I was younger I thought i would be really awesome to be a playground designer.

  13. is it lame that i really want to be a bartender? I feel like that has to be within reach.

  14. You were such a cute little kid!!! Your lists are great... The stewardess thing is one of my dream jobs, too. I have several friends that do this for a living and I can safely tell you that if you wanted to be one you easily could. You should seriously look into it. The reason I passed it up was due to being a mom... You still have time to try this if only for a few years- at least you can cross it off your bucket list plus ALL OF THE AWESOME TRAVELING!!!


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