Monday, November 19, 2012

My Little Weekend...

Some weekends blink by & leave you reeling & other times it strolls by at a leisurely pace and give you just enough time for everything. This weekend I got to do everything I needed & wanted, minus an oil change, and had a few surprises thrown into the mix too & uhhh yesterday post but the to be continued will be later in the week...

With only a $30 gift card, I took Williams Sonoma by storm and actually walked out with 5 adorable &/or handy items! I mentioned to one of the ladies working there that I teach a cupcake class and she directed me towards the back of the store where they had all their autumn/Halloween merchandise 70% off. "It's never to late to buy something & keep for next year, " the lady said. She's absolutely right!

Left to Right: 1.) My First Rolling Pin 2.) Halloween Pancake Molds 3.) Pumpkin cake pop pans 4.) Autumn cupcake stencils

I'm in love with the Pumpkin Cake Pop Pans because it comes with 2 of them! I don't have to wait for one set to bake to then make the matching set. Awesome! For the price too, it can't be beat. I'm pretty excited about the rolling pin too. It is a kitchen "MUST-HAVE" I imagine but I have never owned one, until more using a glass to roll out my pizza dough!! =)

In a moment of pure relaxation watching Sailor Moon Re-runs & finishing Halloween candy, I got a call from a friend of mine out of the blue whom I rarely talk too. She had moved to Arizona for a teaching job and unfortunately we've really lost touch over the past year. For her to call me I knew something HAD to be up! I was right, her boyfriend of 8 years proposed & she said YES!!! I burst into tears because I was so happy for her! They are in such a great place in their lives and it is truly a perfect time. What rocks even more is all her family is here so she probably will have the bridal shower & wedding here in New Jersey, not in Arizona. Woot Woot! But, just in case I better start saving up my pennies!!

She asked me not to say anything on Facebook until she posts something. Good for her. She explained that she wanted to take the time to call her friends and let them know personally instead of just posting it on Facebook. She's waited so long for this, so she wanted it to special. It was so nice to hear her say it, instead of reading it. So nice...

Other quirky things that happened this weekend...

Craig standing next to the empty shelves for cocoa cola soda...umm...5 for $5 is apparently an unbeatable deal! =P

I didn't realize "Utterly Smooth" hand lotion was actually made for the utters of dairy cows...It is marketed to humans but this is crazy....

House parties truly are nice once in a while...tea cups are also always nice... =)

Until Tomorrow...


  1. lol about the utterly smooth lotion, that is sooo random!

  2. Oooh I am loving the pumpkin cake pops pans. I need one of those. And yey, congrats to your friend's engagement! That is awesome!

  3. You made out at Williams Sonoma! What a deal!

  4. I didn't even know that they made cake pop pans! I love that udderly smooth cream also. If it's good enough for a cow's udders then it has to work on our small hands, right?

  5. And that's why I stick to Aveeno. :) Congrats are in order for your friend! That's very exciting and such a happy moment for her. I remember being able to tell all of my friends about my engagement; it was so much more enjoyable to tell people in person or over the phone than through social media, so I respect your friend's decision. Still, how awesome! And it looks like you made a good haul with all the bakery stuff! I LOVE cake pops, so the pumpkin ones look pretty darn awesome.

  6. This is such a cute post. =)
    Love the quirky things!

  7. Buying Halloween stuff for next year is such a good idea! Love the pancake moulds! xo

  8. such sweet photos. williams sonoma is the best :)
    i got a gift card from there from my wedding and i absolutely love it!


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