Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chloe Moon Who?

Chloe Moon Who? The beauty of a new blog is finding a new life to peek into once in a while. You can find out what they are good at, where they went this past weekend, what their favorites things are, and simply who they truly are. I realized I just jumped into telling all of you my some of my daily shenanigans without giving you much of an "About Me" post, so periodically I will let you in on what's truly going on with me as well as my secrets & passions.

Let's Get Started:

- I pretend to know how to use chop sticks for eating but I use them primarily as hair accessories.
-My favorite animals are pandas, hippos, and sloths.
-I'm addicted to reading romance novels & the smuttier the better.
-I LOVE Mimosas. If I didn't have work Mon-Fri I would have one every morning.
-I'm an only child. 
- I can't really cook, but I can bake a great cupcake.
- I teach an Adult Ed Cupcake Class every Wednesday.
-I love going to Tag Sales & Estate Sales in the Spring. Vintage trinkets and jewelry boxes are my faves!
- I'm trying to learn how to speak Japanese.
-My Nationalities are Italian, German, & Dominican.
-I have written half of a Chick Flick type Zombie Novel...Need to finish the other half!
-I'm lucky enough to own my own studio condo in Rockland County, NY.
-I can play the piano..."The Godfather" Theme is my best piece I can play!
-I'm obsessed with the TV Show, The Big Bang Theory. I have all 5 seasons on DVD

 The Big Bang Theory Cast

In this crazy world, there is a little more information about me. See you all soon, I have my cupcake class later tonight so I'll be posting Christmas Tree & Sunflower Cupcakes! Can't wait! =)


  1. I'd love to go garage sailing/thrifting/antiquing with you and then get mimosas.

  2. Hello. :) Cute new blog!! I love the name "Chloe Moon." It's so pretty! I can't wait to see where this new venture goes!

  3. I love the Big Bang Theory! Probably in part because I'm such a nerd. ;)

  4. Adult Ed Cupcake class?! That sounds awesome!

  5. You are learning how to speak Japanese? That is awesome! My husband is a quarter Japanese and I think he knows like two things. haha

  6. Hehe yes, a mimosa is champagne and orange juice! Yum!! =)

  7. how cute - love the FYI's about you!!! totally cute post babes!

    GIVEAWAY going on @ my blog: ~Handmade Necklace w/ a Cause ~ it’s perfect for the holidays!

  8. So glad I came across your blog!! It seems like a lovely place to check out every day. I am so glad I found someone who has my same yearn for vintage goods and estate saling. xx. Lou

  9. Nice meeting you. I love that you teach an Adult Ed Cupcake Class.. good luck on the chick flick Zombie novel.


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