Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Your Punk Rock Princess & Your My Garage Band King!!

In another life I want to be a rockstar singer. I want to be the new member of the Donnas, have the fearlessness of Meredith Brooks, the passion of Pat Benatar, the fame of Madonna, the spunk of old school Britney, the tenderness of Jewel,  the lyrical range of Lady Gaga...Oh and a splash of Cyndi Lauper's craziness, can't leave her out of there. I would want it all. The flashing lights, the screaming fans, the concert tours, the perfume label, and maybe a greatest hits album. Perhaps one day...

My boyfriend with this bass...

Back in reality, Craig is trying hard, ever so hard, to start a band and hmmm...he isn't having much luck. He plays the Bass, the guitar, and has a really good singing voice when he sings Green Day, Weezer, or other punk rock songs. He's on my little red couch right now strumming his bass and asking me, "How does this sound babe?". He has such a passion for music and an ear for it. But what's odd is that he can't seem to find anyone to commit & I mean really commit to starting a band and keeping with it...I wish I wasn't tone deaf because I would learn how to play the guitar or bass for him depending on what he wanted to play but yeah I can't. 

Today he was supposed to have a little jam session with a possible new guitarist and the guy cancelled.  Craig was in a band for 6 months of Saturdays & studio practicing, however when it finally came time to do a mini concert everyone went their separate ways for this or that excuse. It sucked, plain and simple. But there is one thing I know about Craig...he never gives up! 

I can't imagine the stress of committing to a band, where you might have to stand in front of a million people one day, but if your willing to take that first step into that music studio, why not go all the way? Craig doesn't have illusions of grandeur, but he would love to play at a local bar or just have mini concerts at the studio where he practices. It would be so cool to see up there on the mini stage. I told him I would play the tambourine if he wanted...He actually took a second to think about it. hehe. =)

I hope one day he finds his musical way...

Have you ever had dreams of starting a band?
 I'm curious & would love to hear...

Title of the Post: "Punk Rock Princess" by Something Corporate


  1. The fact that you like the Donna's makes me smile!

    I used to work band nights in a local bar here in town (as a bar maid) and befriended a lot of musicians as a result. If Craig is serious he should start going to local shows and networking with other local artists in the area. Also put an add on crags list. He may already be doing these things in which case I will stop being a know it all and cross my fingers that he finds a cool group of people to play with. :)

  2. Good luck to your boyfriend! It's probably really hard to start a band, and keep it going!

  3. wow, interesting post, its awesome to know in ur nxt life you wanna be a rock star, rock stars are amazing!!! never worry about your boyfriend he's surely gonna get there, his dreams will sure come true some day.

  4. I totally wanted to start a band when I was younger. Fortunately, I married a man already in one. He doesn't play anymore because, like with Craig's experience, people just don't commit, which is frustrating.

    I just hung out with a band last night who are about to make it big and I have to say it's pretty inspiring.


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