Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stolen Moments Sunday...

Life can be summarized as a sea of moments. But then there are some stolen moments that stand out in your memory and warm your heart for a little bit longer than the rest. Every Sunday I plan to point out those stolen moments I don't ever want to forget. 

~Laughing and enjoying ourselves at a double date Craig & I had with another couple. We went bowling, something I haven't done in years and it was ever so much fun! I scored only an 81 but it was so worth it! hehe ~

~Nighttime snuggling. Ironically ever since Craig & I moved in together we don't snuggle as much we used to. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. I feel asleep in his arms and it was wonderful. ~

~MAJOR CRISIS AVERTED! Long story short...Craig dropped a bottle of water on his Mac computer keyboard on Thursday night. He immediately shut it off, turned it upside down, and removed the battery. Sunday afternoon after a few days to dry it out, the computer Thank God turned on. Whew!! It couldn't have been bad...very bad!

~Falling in love with the Goo Goo Dolls new song, "Come to Me". The lyrics & video are beautiful! I love that Craig tried to play it on his guitar for me too.~

~ All through the past few months Craig has been hinting that a certain question will be coming one day soon. Yes, the "M" word question. I think he thought I had my head phones on, but while he was talking to his best friend I overheard him say something in Spanish about March & some point this year.  Craig's best friend is from Ecuador so when he wants to say something personal they will go in and out of Spanish. It certainly is very interesting! *Here's hoping!*

What Were Your Stolen Moments this Weekend?

This just cracked me up! =)


  1. smart move that craig did!!! thank goodness the computer was ok. my fav stolen moments are when the husband and i share a hard laugh from an inside joke or when kayla comes up to me for a snuggle in the middle of playing. those are the best :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Welcome back to blog land. I was curious to see if there was a ring on your finger! It looks like maybe 2014 will be the year. <3

  3. This is a sweet blogging idea. It is good to take a minute and remember special little moments. I went on a double date/bowling on Friday! It was so much fun. The "M" word is also very exciting news. Haha, it is sweet that he is trying to be sneaky about it in Spanish.

  4. The meme.... LOL.

    My guy and I had a few nice moments alone (we have a combined 4 kids plus a grandson - this never happens). We shared a few slices of pizza, did a little shopping and then enjoyed a quiet house. Bliss. :)

    PS- whew on the Mac (yikes).


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