Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Living Together: A Zippered Dress & An Ironed Suit...

This past weekend it has been 4 months since Craig and I moved into my apartment and it has been the biggest & the greatest change in my entire life. I am crazy happy that we made this decision and it has taught me so much more about love that I almost feel like I was blind before. I've read article after article about love, saying it's the "little things" that your partner does for you engenders this love and it is so much more than love notes, kisses, snuggling, gifts, much more.

This past Memorial day weekend I had a wedding to go to in Virginia for one of Craig's best friend's from high school. I had never been to Virginia & only knew some of Craig's friends so I was hyperaware of EVERYTHING. Not on defense, just hyperaware of my new surroundings. Being away from the condo, our small living quarters, I got to really see our relationship out in the world sorta speak of new people and didn't realize the visible strength after 3 years Craig and I have. 

In a rush of panic, Craig was inspecting his suit and realized it was wrinkled everywhere. I picked up the hotel ironing board in my half zippered dress and turned on the iron. Craig remarked, "I've never ironed anything...have you?" I kissed him softly and then took the wrinkled suit from his hands and ironed it into an immaculate suit ready for any photoshoot (Thank you Home Ec in 7th grade). He was shocked I knew how to iron and when I bent over to iron his last bit of pant leg, Craig took a hold of my dress's back zipper, lifting my curly hair up, and finished zipping my dress. I smiled and I guess being a bundle of emotion for a few weeks I almost wanted to cry from happiness. I held up his pants to him and he giddily put them on and kissed me. He said to me, "I knew I was supposed to meet you. I knew you were the right choice. I don't know what I would do without you, baby."

 This lil moment may not seem much, but Craig made me feel complete too. I felt the love in such simple actions. When his friend was saying his wedding vows, Craig took my hand and squeezed it and mouthed, "I love you." We slow danced to every old fashioned love song, the DJ played. I cried happy tears when the last song that played was "At last". Craig thought I was just drunk, but I honestly was crying because I was happy. I feel like at last I found true love. I totally had to fix my eye liner and mascara but it was worth it. =)

I watched the couples around me and saw so many of these little things too. The couple next to us was eating and the lady didn't even realize her napkin had fallen off her lap, her boyfriend did and picked it up and replaced it tenderly on her lap. She didn't even notice but I caught his eye and he said to me, "It's the little things huh?". He looked at his girlfriend with such love and it was beautiful. I smiled and gave him a hug because he was right. 

Craig and me - May 26th 2013 

Ironically the wedding fell on May 26th and it was also the 3 year anniversary of our first date! Three years...Wow...time does fly! =)

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  1. You guys look like a very happy couple. God bless you and Craig.

  2. You both are so for each other , too lovely :)

  3. Happy 3 years! It most definitely is the little things. It seems like you and Craig just flow together- that alone is awesome! I was getting verklempt at how you two instinctively helped each other and how sweet he was during the wedding. You'll be saying "I do" before you know it!

  4. happy 3 years and the little moments are the best moments! you two are lovely!

  5. This was so sweet, it gave me goosebumps while reading! It's true, it really is the little things. Since we're getting married in the Catholic church, we had to do a pre-cana seminar, which is basically a full day of pre-marital counseling. One of the things they discussed was focusing on the small ways you show love for each other and being able to recognize and show appreciation for that. It's not always the big displays like fancy dinners and expensive bouquets that show love. Little things like zipping up your dress without you needing to ask first, or the fact that the Fiance makes me a homemade latte every morning, can mean so much more because those are the truly thoughtful, selfless gestures that come out of instinct not out of a false "oh I'm supposed to buy her flowers" kind of place. Happy 3 years! :)

  6. Awww - your post gave me chills. :)

    It seems like it was what was needed after all the turmoil you discussed in your last post.

    Happy for you.

  7. Such a lovely story! So happy for you! :)

  8. Oh I love love love this post. You are just so cute and I really loved reading the description of the part during the vows and dancing. I felt like I was there. So beautiful!


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